Type Matters

Over the years, 436 Excellent cows have carried the Ocean-View prefix. Our goal since moving to Wisconsin has been to develop a barn full of Excellent cows. We've come pretty close since the barn holds 38 cows. The herd today consists of 30 EX,  24 VG and 2 GP 2-year-olds. The Excellent cows break down as follows: 8 cows are scored EX-94 / 4 cows are scored EX-93 / 9 cows are scored EX-92 and 3 cows are at EX- 91. The herd currently has 34 head in first or 2nd lactation and only 4 that are beyond 3rd lactation not scored EX. Type has always been a top priority in this herd and it shows.


Balanced Breeding

You can have your cake and eat it too...with balanced breeding. Our herd has been bred for generations with milk in mind. But the goal was never single minded - but more lifetime long. We feel the best cows get better with age and can produce, reproduce and outproduce themselves. Lifetime production is our gold standard. By infusing the generations of production-packed cows with some of the best type bulls, we've developed cows that can do both with ease. Cows like...Braxton Silver a #2 national record milk leader AND Grand Champion at our show in the SAME lactation. Or Sanchez Zandra with over 62K and scoring EX-93 with an EX-94 MS in the same lactation. And let's not forget EX-90 Outside Dacia our first to make over 400,000 and many wonderful daughters in that lifetime! Today's cows can do it all if they're bred for it!


Lost Art

Today we’re seeing bulls in A.I. from dams that have not been scored or had an udder between their legs. How times have changed! Deep pedigrees may soon become a lost art...but not in our herd! The entire herd averages at least 8 generations of EX or VG behind them. In fact, there is only one animal on the farm backed by less than 5 generations of EX and VG dams - and we lost her mother before she was scored 2nd calf or she would have completed 15 generations. Some of these animals are backed by 72 years of no hole pedigrees! No matter how much times change - one thing remains the same - proven cow families always rise to the top!



June 2017 BAA: 113.2
30 EX  24 VG and 2 GP 2-yr-olds
8 cows @ 94pts / 4 cows @ 93 / 9 cows @ 92 / 3 cows @ 91

Aug RHA 29,380 4.1% 1,190 2.9 861 with 140 SCC
60 cows selling: 34 1st calf or 2nd calf

On the tanbark. In California over 10 years of showing we had 10 different homebred cows tapped to 22 championships on the state or national level. In the last 4 years in the deep Wisconsin waters our homebred cows have also brought home the purples!
Premier Breeder District 6 2014, 2016 & 2017
Premier Exhibitor District 6 2016 & 2017
Grand Champion District 6 2015 - Damion Elsie
Grand Champion District 6 2016 - Braxton Silver
All-Wisconsin Produce of Dam 2016 - Damion Sassy & Braxton Silver
All-Wisconsin Spring Calf 2017 - Diamond Ring
Res All-Wisconsin Best 3 Females 2016
Runner-up Premier Breeder Wisconsin State Show 2016

Our herd is 99% homebred - the one cow not homebred is our newest foundation cow EX-92 Ito Elise with over 220k.

2015-06-29 16.05.20

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