WI - Cattle Drive - 10-2010 004

About Us

As with any good book there are many chapters to this story. As each new chapters nears its end another one begins.  And so the page began to turn in the fall of 2010 when Daryl & Pam Nunes moved three semi loads of cattle 2,100 miles from the Sonoma County wine country in California to the heart of America’s Dairyland in Wisconsin. With dwindling opportunities for marketing in California, the couple saw their future a little farther east in Wisconsin where Pam grew up. So the hard decision was made to move the part of the herd they had been building and relocate them to a more central location. The cows would reside on Pam’s original home farm in Deerfield, Wisconsin. The 38 tie stalls are a far cry from the 350 freestalls in California, but this new location allowed the ability to focus on the highest quality with a smaller number of cattle and opened new marketing avenues. Soon after the original herd called Ocean View Farms that was owned by Daryl's family was dispersed and over 600 head were sold in all directions of North America. The herd dispersal allowed Daryl & Pam the opportunity to have some of their favored herd members join the new herd in Wisconsin and 10 more head headed for the Midwest. It will be almost 7 years since the semis left California...and the Ocean View story has added pages. Today it is time to start a new chapter in our history as we disperse the herd we have spent our lifetime developing and our fathers before us. We invite you for this rare opportunity - we think you'll find one of the deepest pedigreed herds in the nation with unparalleled type and production.

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Make plans to be part of the HARVEST of a LIFETIME on Monday, October 9th at Ocean View Genetics. Bid last on your future foundation in person, via phone or live on the internet...